As a crime and violence prevention consultant, 40 years, I’m frustrated by the national media not seeing THEIR role in spreading Racism. Yes, we must improve race relations and police reform, but we also need media reform. The national media focus has always been, “If it bleeds, it leads.” We need important information but, we also need balance in the media.

I’m a white mother and grandmother who has worked in Black communities for many years. My friends and family thought I was crazy because they only heard about Blacks killing Blacks, gang violence and cops arresting violent felons. The media message has succeeded in dividing Americans, spreading fear and anger which can destroy our democratic way of life!

The most amazing people I’ve ever met are Black Americans, but no one hears their stories. Did you ever hear about…

–      a father mentors 25 fatherless kids on his block and started, “Peace on the Streets?”

–      a mother of 12 who used her SSI money to feed the poor which started a citywide program?

–      a banker who organized men’s support groups to strengthen families and save daughter’s lives?

–      neighbors working together with police to stop drug dealers, prostitutes and juvenile violence?

–      a concerned resident who found sponsors and volunteers and created, “Richmond’s Got Talent” to keep kids off the streets?

–      neighbors working with police to take back their neighborhood park from drug dealers?

–      a mother who lost 2 sons to violence and started a non-profit, “Mend the Family?”

–      a former child sex trafficker who is changing lives by educating the public?

–      pastors feeding the poor and offering shelter?

–      a mother who lost her son to violence who teaches communication and self-respect?

–      former drug addicts mentor people in prison?

And, that is just a few of the amazing Black Americans who care about their communities.

Take Action: Email local and national reporters and station managers! Without a balance of information, the media will continue to run a steady stream of programming that divide us! Americans need to hear success stories which can inspire all of us to do more in our communities to support youth and our neighbors.

Stephanie L. Mann, Author, Crime and violence prevention consultant

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